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Comprehensive general liability coverage insures your business against accidents and injury that happen on the premises, as well as exposures related to your operations. It will protect you from payments for bodily injury or property damage to a third party, medical expenses accruing to the underlying incident, the cost of defending lawsuits including investigations and settlements, and any bonds or judgments required during an appeal procedure.

No matter how diligently you remove all possible hazards from your business, you could be sued successfully for accidents resulting from simple carelessness of the customer. General liability insurance is your last line of defense against devastating claims for things over which you have little or no control.

Coverage may include:
  • Fire Legal Liability on Real Property
  • Personal Injury Liability and Advertising Liability
  • Blanket Contractual Liability
  • Personal Injury Liability and Advertising Liability
  • Extended Bodily Injury Coverage
  • Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Organizations

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