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The Leavitt Group Tortilla Industry Program offers health insurance plans that are tailored to individually fit the needs of most corporations. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in an employee healthcare benefit plan designed for the members of TIA.

We also offer other plans to fit your needs:

Self-Funded Plans

Structured to provide customized benefits while at the same time maintaining predictable costs and protecting against catastrophic claims.

Fully-Insured Plans

Typically offer traditional cost structures.

Supplemental Income Plans

Offers an employee an additional source of income to offset deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost earnings when an illness occurs.

Vision Care

Shop our selection of group vision insurance plans to find an affordable way to provide your employees with a benefit they'll really appreciate.

  • Coverage for eye exams with optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide.

  • Benefits include coverage on a broad selection of frames and lenses or contacts.


Explore our group dental insurance plans designed to meet your employees' oral health needs and the demands on your budget.

Key Man Life Policies

Life insurance purchased by the company on the life of an employee or employees whose loss would have adverse effects on the company. Employees are valuable assets and the loss of some key employees could significantly impact the profitability, stability, and progress of the company.

Short and Long-Term Disability Policies

Essentially serves as income protection insurance and may be the most essential element in an individual's risk management program. However, many people underestimate its importance.

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